Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tragedy and closure continued

The more I read, the angrier I get about how far people will go to protect their jobs and the BS they will feed others in order to do so. This family will never after closure after burying their ten year old shining star but the least that the school district and the police can provide to them is the truth.

Reports now say that he did not tell a school official about his thoughts of suicide but told one or more other students. Could one of these students been one who was suspected of bullying him?

Listening to the 911 calls, I noted that he was found in a third floor boys bathroom. If I was an angry, unstable, troubled and impulsive pre-teen boy, I would probably stab myself with a pencil or throw myself down the stairs or off the railing before I would hang myself from a hook in the bathroom until I bled from my nose. And why did the medical examiner not mention this as well in the report?

As hard as they may try, this will not go away under a pile of rapidly shifted papers. I was always told by my elders, the more lies you tell, the more you have to tell and the more you have to keep up with. Look at Illinois politics and you'd have to agree.

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