Wednesday, July 8, 2009


As many of us mourn the loss of one of the greatest entertainers ever, I can't help but realize that I have some Michael Jackson in me and, probably, always will. I came to this realization after viewing a 360 panoramic view of his arcade room at the Neverland Ranch. I saw the X-Men game, Jurassic Park: Lost World, Terminator and gobs of Star Wars memorabilia. It was after I saw the poster of the Marvel Universe when it hit me like a sack of Sacajaweas.

Michael was not the picture of mental wellness and, in fact, seemed to have a tenuous grasp on this earthly plane with ordinary mortals. He was a genius, but a scarred and flawed genius nonetheless. He had a painful upbringing and did his best to recapture what he felt was lost - his innocence, naivety and sense of wonder. But he did his best to remain a child.

I, too, had a difficult childhood, for different reasons. Being bullied leave scars that stay with you long after abusers have ceased their terror campaigns. I have decided that I will remain childlike because living as an adult ain't all that. Sure, I realize that I need to take care of my family, contribute to my community and pay my taxes but these responsibilities do not preclude, gut-laughing whenever I can, playing after a job well done, singing off-key and not caring who hears and dreaming of adding value to the world.

Thanks, Michael, a job well done.

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